Reflections on our Shows With Planning For Burial

Four shows. We only played four shows on the West Coast last week, but the shows felt more meaningful and fulfilling than any month long tour I’ve been on. I want to do more.

Part of this was because we were traveling with Thom Wasluck, a human who records music that is relatable, affecting, and genuine; Planning For Burial is “real”. As a person Thom is just like his art: without contrivance. It inspires me to be around a self that knows exactly what it is.

Meaning also came from the impressions I felt at each show. People that had spent time with this record I’d made in my bedroom, this distilled expression of my self, came to speak to me about it. Their connection to my work chipped away at the barriers between our selves. My bandmates worked hard to help this expression come to life and made it sound incredible. In short, these shows felt good.

In life and art I value solitude. My favorite part of this music thing I’ve been engaged with for the past ten or so years is writing and recording, and I like it best when I’m by myself: alone making little sound worlds to better understand my life.

I know that for many people playing shows is the goal, but with Drowse–a self mirror–it has always been an anxiety inducing experience. There are moments of enjoyment, but they are usually coaxed with alcohol and volume. These shows were different. I felt that bedroom feeling, that joyful detachment, the world and self disappearing into the present.




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